Around the World Itinerary

Where we are: Malaysia

We will be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until the end of February.

Where we are going in 2019/2020:

  • HOME BASE 1 – Valencia, Spain:August 19 through November 6
    • Weekend trips to:
      • Bordeaux, France
      • Lisbon, Portugal
      • Barcelona, Spain
  • Grand tour of Morocco in mid-November
  • Stopover in Doha, Qatar in late November
  • HOME BASE 2 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: late November through late February
    • Weekend trip to Bali, Indonesia
    • We will spend the holidays in Australia & New Zealand with family meeting us from The States.
    • We hope to take two or three more small trips while based in KL to Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand
  • HOME BASE 3 – Italy: March 2020
  • HOME BASE 4 – TBD!
  • Jamaica in mid-May for Justin’s brother’s wedding.
  • Back to Colorado in mid-May!

Where we’ve been as a family:

  • Malaysia, November 2019
  • Qatar, November 2019
  • Morocco, November 2019
  • Portugal, October 2019
  • France, September 2019
  • Spain, August 2019
  • British Columbia, Canada, November 2017
  • Egypt, February 2017
  • United Arab Emirates, February 2017
  • Domestic travels to Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Carolina, California, Washington, Nebraska
  • Courtney & Justin met in Costa Rica and subsequently have traveled to Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, The Dominican Republic, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, England, and The Netherlands together.

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